video artwork   Hiroshima   2017/2018

After the ancient japanese myth from the Kojiki, Amaterasu once hid inside a stone because she could not bare to see how her brother acted badly.
But since she is the godess of the sun, all light disappeared form the surface of the world. All the other deitys gathered in fron of her stone and considered how to get her back to the earth. They started having a party to make her jealouse and it worked. Amaterasu glimpsed out of her shelter and was dragged back into life.
Considering all the crazy Kim Jong-un’s and Donald Trump’s in this world. It is likely that Amaterasu is still in her rock hiding from this world. This video art work is searching for a way to bring her back.
The video is about search and questioning what are we eaven searching in life.
It is asking what is happyness and what we would do whith is if we happen to find it. It is about spirituality and rituality, mixing european and japanese culture.
It is about finding friends to share this hard task with and partying together until dawn. We are almost there.