86°/ 90°/ 96° A Socially Distanced Performance

lecture performance    本と自由 Hiroshima   2020/ Aug 1st
with Cosima Winter, Melina Matzanke and Eleonora Allan

Based on the text series 86°/90°/96°, this experimental performance connects different artists and approaches trying to figure out ways to continue artistic activities in times of social distance.
The question is: „How does performance work if we can‘t physically come together? How can we share feelings and memories under this circumstances? If the world is shrinking to the size of our living rooms, how can we connect?“ Or does the current situation even open new doors to collabroate with artists that are living thousands of kilometers apart?

After the stat of ermergengy was lifted in Japan in July 2020, we hosted our “Socially Distanced Performance” in bookshop and Gallery space 本と自由 (books and freedom) in Hiroshima on 1st of August 2020.