First International Festival of Manuports

From 12.8.—10.10.2021

Kunsthalle Kohta in Helsinki, Finland is hosting the „First International Festival of Manuports“ with artists participating from over 36 countries.

This exhibition makes no grand political statement about the freedom of art, but it does attempt to further the freedom of artists through experimental practice.

„Manuport“ is the archaeological term for a natural object, especially a stone, that has been carried and deposited somewhere by humans but has not been artificially shaped.’

After the ancient Japanese myth „Ama no Iwato“, sun goddess Amaterasu once hid inside a cave to escape all the evil and hardships of this world. But with her the sunlight disappeared from the surface of the earth too. All 8000 gods of shinto then made their way to Amaterasu’s hiding place and held the biggest and most excessive party there ever was to lure her out.

Regarding all the hardship, all the wars, all the uncertainty in times of a worldwide pandemic, don’t you think Amaterasu is still hiding inside this cave?

As participation for this project Amaterasu’s Cave was sent to Kunsthalle Kohta.

Search for it at the „First International Festival of Manuports“ and take your chance to bring the sun back to our world.

What would you do to lure Amaterasu out? Dance, take her out for dinner, have a heart to heart or make her coffee?


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photo by Jussi Tiainen