installation/ performance     TPAM Fringe Yokohama   2021/Feb/13-14

with Abura Yoshiko, Shimatabi Yachts, Mirjam Ophüls, Cosima Winter,
Melina Matzanke, Itto Sakai, Yosuke Tachikawa, Nina L. Bruchhaus,
Eleonora Allan and  Noria Harlan

After the ancient Japanese myth „天岩戸“ (heavenly rock cave), Amaterasu, goddess of the sun, once hid inside a cave from all the cruelties of this world. To bring the sun back to earth all 8.000 goods of Japanese shinto gathered in front of her stone and celebrated a party.
With all the war’s, all the hate, all the racism and not to be forgotten, a worldwide pandemic at our doorstep, it is very likely that she is still hiding inside this cave.

The Amaterasu Party performances are searching for ways to lure her out and bring the sun back to our world. If you had a chance, what would you do to bring her back? Cook her your favourite meal? Have a heart to heart?
Get drunk together? dance for her?
Ten artists in and outside of Japan took up this question and hoped on a video call with  Amaterasu’s stone. A limited audience was allowed to witness and interact with the artists and Amaterasu herself. The program was also streamed online.