Yui-Port, Center of Center for Creative Arts in Niigata City, invited the AMATERASU PARTY project for an Artist in Residency Program in Summer 2021.

Based on the ancient myth from the Japanese „Kojiki“, visitors were invited to enter the installation, explore and play with provided requisites such as flash lights, musical instruments and mirrors.

After the story „Ama no Iwato“, the sun goddess Amaterasu once hid inside a cave from all the evil for this world. But with her all the sunlight disappeared from the surface of the earth too.
Together with all small and big visitors, we exchanged thoughts about whether and how to bring the sun back to this world. From this exchange the exhibition developed day by day. Hidden words were found, ideas layered and created new opinions, sounds were guiding us in preparation for the performative party which took place on 22/07/2021.Together we celebrated, danced, and welcomed Amaterasu back into our middle.


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Photo: Osamu Nakamura Photo courtesy: YUI-PORT (Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange)