dramaturgy/ actor   HMP Theatre Company    Independent Theatre 1st Osaka
2021/March/27-28    director: Miho Takayasu

A theatre play about the refugee crisis of 2016/17?
What could possibly be funny about that topic?
Imagine the former refugees integrated themselves perfectly.
Imagine a future where  a german woman can become an imam.
Imagine a  future without cultural differences.
Now that’s worth a laugh isn’t it?
Homohalal is unmasking the ideal of the friendly, multicultural, tolerant society, making clear that integration is a never ending process everyone has to take part in.

At  “Independent Theatre 1st” in Osaka I was given the chance to share my personal experience living as a foreigner in Japan, raising cultural sensitivity especially because Japan is such a heterogene society.


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photo by T. Matsuyama