stage design/ actor   Theatre E9 Kyoto   2020/Oct 17-26
director: AGO Satoshi

“Küsse, Bisse,
Das reimt sich, und wer recht von Herzen liebt,
Kann schon das eine für das andre greifen.”

At “Theatre E9” in Kyoto director Ago Satoshi performed a “Rosenfest“ after Heinrich von Kleists theatre play Penthesiliea.

A 12x12m semi-transparent curtain shielded the stage like a membrane.
A comment on the current Corona restrictions as well as the representation of an uterus, traversed by veins, holding the characters of the play hostage.
On second glance one could make out words. German and Japanese interwoven with each other.
At the end of the play, Pentehsilea wrapped herself and Achilles into this giant curtain freezing into the shape of a rose.

The staging was awarded with the promotional prize of the city Kyoto and will be staged again  in 2022.